Oh hello 2012

Mint Velvet white dress

Mint Velvet

Hello there and welcome back! It’s 2012 and the new season is almost upon us. Over the next week I will be exploring some trends which I think are going to hit the high street with a boom boom pow this month. Yep January sees new stock, time to say a-bye-bye to the dark tones and heavy fabric of the sale rails and move on to the fresh and new. Starting with white. I think it’s a hard colour to wear in that it can be severe worn in block but can get lost in a print. So I have had a look around and found some of the best dresses to come which have more texture and substance making the colour just a little more interesting.

Marks and Spencer white dress

Marks and Spencer

My tip for wearing white is to wear one piece (hence the dresses) and make this the statement. Match up with a nice blazer or girlie cardigan to keep the look very feminine and a little vintage.

Littlewoods Ireland dress

Littlewoods Ireland

These are just a taste of what is to come. Tomorrow, we’ll take the colour up a notch – mint and coral!