Christian Louboutin bag

I think bags finish an outfit. I have so many of them, but this season I have edited down the styles I have to a select few which I will rotate. Thanks to working with some really amazing brands, I have built up a collection that I know I will have forever. In terms of trends, yes, there are some that are new for the season like the hoop handle that Chloe have provided us. But, when buying a bag think of its use. Will this be for work? Do you need a bag for going out where something smaller is needed? Or do you need something to pop over your shoulder when you head out to the shops? Think practically and you’ll find the right style! I used to buy bags for specific outfits, but now I think more universally to make sure the bags I buy match an array of outfits. Multi-use! 

If you fancy a new bag this season I have put together my edit of the best of the bunch! The below links are all shoppable too, so you can click through to make your purchase! 

Hoop handle:



Cross Body: