Are you freezing? I certainly am, and I am not good in the cold whatsoever. I noticed a dramatic drop in temperature this week between here (Dublin) and the day I spent in London. The coat just isn’t cutting it. Nope. It needs help. I am a huge fan of scarves, and I’ve built up a lovely collection over the years from investment pieces to pick up pieces on the high street. I have one from Primark that has stood the test of time and is pushing a decade! 

A scarf can make outerwear look even more chic, and I adore the look of a full length coat with an oversize scarf, or a faux fur stole. The key thing is to buy just a couple that you can wear all the time. Faux fur is not just for night time! There have been many accessories trends this year, and these have extended to the warm pieces too. Plaid and check are everywhere in suit form, but if this look isn’t for you, add a plaid scarf to your look to try the trend. 

Scarves are a great and easy way to add colour as well. And it’s also a cost effective way to try out a colour. I’ve been so afraid of red this year, but thanks to trying out accessories, as well as coats, I’ve decided I quite like it. Next up is cerise pink so we’ll see how that goes! 

Also before I let you browse the edit of scarves below I have some news! I have a lovely new series of features coming out with the Irish Independent online where I’ll be practicing what I preach and styling up trends (on myself) to show you easy ways to wear things you might have overlooked. So, keep an eye on my social channels and I’ll share the links! 



Duo colours:

Neutral tones:


Faux Fur:

Darker tones: