Notes: La La Lumia

I have a new best friend. She’s called Lumia. She’s slender, stylish, easy to chat to and will help me get through all the work I have to do with her undying and unending battery life. Yep, she’s a phone. Today, Nokia launched it’s latest handset, the Lumia 800. Teaming up with Microsoft, Nokia’s Windows phone is simply stunning. I have been glued to mine all day, tweeting and emailing using the clearest interface, so much so I didn’t need my glasses! This will be a blogger’s best friend to be honest, with a million apps to use on the Nokia Marketplace such as the usual social networking “must-apps” and things like Whats App and IMDB. The Lumia is available on Vodafone right now!

Lorna Weightman at the Launch of the Nokia Lumia

Me at the Launch!