Notes: Diet Coke Fashion Friday

We all have a bit of a fetish for something, right? Mine is shoes. Not hugely dissimilar from most women. But this season has got me all excited, with neon pops of colour, the return of the stiletto and what I am coining as the “fullform” (platform from heel to toe). I’ve been thinking hard about where my shoe-crush comes from, and this afternoon I think I cracked it. I should inform you of some stats. I am five feet, eight inches tall and my feet are a size five. I have been told that for someone of my height, I should technically have bigger feet. So when I was little, I had pretty tiny footsies which were so narrow they didn’t even come on the gauge that the lady in Clarks used to strap you into to measure your feet (every August for your new school shoes). I never had more than one pair to choose from, and they were always really awful. Plain, matte (no patent for small feet) and black. So having spent a childhood with no shoes, I went full circle when I hit my teens and spent every penny I had on them. About twenty years on, nothing has changed. I am officially Imelda Marcos’ long lost child. Summer is the best time for shoes I think. There are no boundaries on colour, height is mandatory and you have an excuse to have a weekly pedicure. Hence, my guide to Summer 2012 shoes goes something like this.

You gotta love the flicker of 1980s electro-pop glam that has returned this year. You don’t have to go all out with these colours which resemble highlighters, you can go for a trim, or a heel or a strap to experiment with lime green or shocking pink. These will look great with skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt for a simple yet trendy look.

penneys neon shoes


Nude or natural shoes are an absolute must have for this, or any season. They match everything an in the summer they can make your legs look longer! I love wearing platform nude heels with white linen cropped pants or shorts with a brightly coloured t-shirt. It’s a fresh look and will take you anywhere!

stylistpick nude shoes

Nude shoes,


I’m a Converse-aholic. I have about ten pairs but there are so many to choose from this season, from all the high street brands or the likes of the Olsen twins’ label The Row who have teamed up with Superga (mind you they are $250 a pair). Casual runners/trainers/sneakers are so typical of summer and if you want to channel your inner Marissa from The OC, you got to have some white ones!

Giuseppe Zanotti trainers

Sneakers, Giuseppe Zanotti

All out glam

If you are looking to make a definite fashion statement, you can go to town this season. The stiletto is back and nothing represents glamour like this classic. Every shoe God in the land has made a stiletto this season and despite the risk of toe pinching, it has been a go-to classic design for decades. We’ll blame Joan Collins in Dynasty.

Dune shoes

Blue stillettos, Dune

Happy shoe shopping!