This is not a New Year’s Resolution Post

Lorna Weightman

You read it right. Even the word “resolution” annoys me. What does it even mean? It doesn’t even imply you have to keep them. No, they are just general notions we get in our heads that, come January 1, we HAVE to change something about ourselves. But you don’t. And I don’t feel I have to change, or take a time share in the gym, or eat more quinoa and take a multi vitamin. Nope. I’m just fine being me. But what I am going to do is set some guidelines for myself. Using guidelines, I think, is more realistic. I can use them to help do the things I always do, but maybe more regularly. Conversely, they’ll help me reduce the things I’m not so keen on and that includes bad habits. But I’m not going to feel like a failure if I don’t stick to them. So, my 2017 Guidelines are going to go something like this.

TRY to watch the junk food

Maybe I can just go into McDonalds or Five Guys and stand there to breathe in the smell of skinny chips or a double cheeseburger. But, from time to time I am going to eat one. Because I like them. I like chips. A lot. So I am not going to give them up as if I am embarking on a 365 day long Lenten fast, I’m just going to try and swap out a few take aways for something a bit less greasy or fried, and try and cook it myself. But again, if I don’t stick to this religiously, no one is in the firing line. As these are just GUIDELINES. 

Tidying is always a welcome activity

It’s amazing how well my clothes look on the floor as opposed to in a wardrobe. For some reason, I have been doing this for a number of years. I like clothes mountains, they remind of me of the sheer size of my floor-wardrobe. I do like tidying and I recently finished Maria Kondo’s book on the Life Changing Magic of Tidying. Some of the points are very valid, and some are proper ridiculous. I’m not going to audibly ask my array of coats if each one brings me joy. That’s daft. But, I will pay more attention to the fact that a tidy room is a more mindful room. I give this guideline about a week. 

Evaluate if comparison is a positive experience

Some sadistic little nymph in my head loves to compare me to my peers on a regular basis. We open up instagram and see what everyone is doing and suddenly she gets all excited and screams “Why didn’t you think of that?” or “The way she took her pics is far nicer” et cetera et cetera. We’ve all done it in some guise or another. I’ve come to the conclusion that comparison isn’t necessarily good for someone who suffers from anxiety disorder, so I’m ensuring this guideline leads to some kind of training of my mind to avoid comparison where possible and focus on my task at hand, they way I do it. 

Flossing is recommended by the professionals

Jeez I hate teeth. They need so much maintenance, but I’ve been told by the dentist that if I don’t want my teeth to fall out then flossing is an essential ablution. Urgh. It’s vile. But I do like to smile, so I’d rather have one filled with teeth than solely gums. Who on Earth wants to floss they’re teeth at 3am in the morning after a night out. Well apparently if you don’t, a build up of plaque can even lead to other health problems like heart disease. I’m sure I read that somewhere. So, people, we all need to floss. 

Exercise as you see fit

In 2016 I smashed my fitness goals out of the ball park. I trained, I ran, I cycled, I lifted the heaviest weights (even my body weight) and I loved every second. But exercise is about sustaining what you can do, so you can keep it up in my view and not just until January 31st. I don’t want to exercise more, I do enough. But in those exercise sessions, I can try to challenge myself to set a new bar for my body and fitness. Gosh I used to hate running, but now I love it, in small distances that I can finish. I also used to hate the idea of being out of breath for fear of fainting. Now if I amn’t red in the face and dripping sweat I haven’t worked hard enough. I established goals, as well as limits to get fit. I’m just going to keep doing those, and see where I can take it. Perhaps, all the way to a six pack. I just have a one pack right now. 

Happy New Year.