A no makeup selfie

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I didn’t think I would ever have the confidence in my skin to post a no makeup selfie. Even last year, when the craze hit, I didn’t post one. My skin has always been temperamental. I tried everything when I get hit with adult acne. From visits to the top dermatologist in the country who just wanted to put me on tablets which I didn’t want to do, to acupuncture and every natural remedy under the sun. Silly hormones just playing havoc on my self-confidence. It’s amazing what you can think about yourself. Your face is what people see, they judge you (whether we like it or not) and, in my line of work, the face that is seen across the media. When I have a bad skin day, I just don’t want to go out. I compare how I look to everyone else who has a flawless finish to their make up, while mine is clogged and covered in concealer to try and mask the imperfections.

But for some reason, as I have hit my early thirties, my skin is calming down. Yes, I get the hormonal break out but I can deal with that. I don’t have pore free skin but once it’s clear, I think it’s perfect. I have acne scarring which will just be there, I can’t do anything about that. But what has happened, is that I am treating my skin with the same attention as I do my fitness and eating routine, and that’s one with care. I have found a combination of products that work, and the number one issue has been dehydration. I had not been drinking enough water that’s for sure, and I would tend to forget to moisturise. Now I religiously carry out a skin ┬ároutine twice daily, that also includes masques and treatments a couple of evening’s a week. By investing the time to look after it, it likes me a lot more. My hormones don’t anger my skin any longer, and thanks to amazing technology in skincare, there is something out there for you. So, perhaps this is a start of some more no makeup selfies for me. I don’t know. But today is certainly one of them.

The products I am currently using are:

Sunday Riley, Luna (night oil)

Image Vitamin C cleanser

Clarins Skin Boosters (Repair and Energy being my favourites)

Lanc├┤me HyrdraZen NeuroCalm

Clarins Multi Active Day SPF 20


Happy Friday.


Lorna x