My picks from New Look Autumn Winter 2014

New Look Autumn Winter

I decided to take some time out this afternoon to have a few hours to get my life bad to normal after travelling. So thanks to a voucher I had I hit up New Look to get some pieces I’ve had my eye on. Sweatshirts are the most comfortable thing ever, and I love this “I’m so fancy” one channelling my inner Iggy Azalea. Then it’s onto tartan, this little mini is flirty and fun but will also look great with the abundance of black ankle boots I have as well as a goo polo. Jeans, I just cannot live without and I had my eye on a pair that had ripped knees (normally I take the DIY approach but I needed a break!) so I got these stretch ones.

New Look Autumn Winter

Skirt, €22.99; Top, €9.99; Sweatshirt, €17.99

So do you like, cos I love!!