Hats are having a moment aren’t they? The minute I saw Bella Hadid rock the baker boy cap, I was sold. Gosh, even Peaky Blinders gives me inspiration. But not sure if I can rock the peaked cap now. I think hats make a winter outfit; they are the finishing touch that binds a good coat and jumper combo. And if you haven’t seen my coat edit, you can check that out by clicking this link! 

There are no rules for hats per se, I’m more a fan of popping one on and seeing if it works with the look. It doesn’t have to be complicated. When the weather brings a chill, I love a good beanie, and the beanie gets extra points if it has a bobble or pom pom on top. What can I say, my inner child loves a little pom pom. Baker boy hats are my few accessory hero; there are so many around and I myself have been opting for River Island’s styles (no reason, they just fit my head well!) – they are an excellent price to try the trend. I tried to get my hands on the Primark style, but the entire country got there before me, which is highly unusual! I was too slow off the mark. Anyway, if you fancy a hat, I’ve put together an edit of all kinds to find the style you like the most. Happy Shopping! 



Pom pom:

Baker Boy:

Twisted Knot: