My top five beauty products of 2015


There have been so many product launches this year, that it has been super hard to narrow it down to my top five! Between here and on I have reviewed hundreds of beauty gift sets, new palettes, foundations and beauty tools that I had to do an edit for you lovely readers of what stood out for me! And it includes skincare, hair, beauty, make up, the works! So in no particular order…

  1. Gold Fever Hair Extensions


gold fever hair extensions

Probably the most significant review I did in 2015, Gold Fever were joyous for me. The quality was incomparable, they didn’t shed and the fact that you can colour them just sold it for me. Yes they do cost a fair bit, and they take hours to apply but if you want hair extensions then these should be your number one choice. You can read the full review here.

2. Urban Decay Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Urban Decay has never let me down in terms of it’s product offering specifically, it’s eye shadows. The anticipated Smokey Eye Palette hit stores earlier this year, with a waiting list of thousands. The shades were well pigmented and the various ways you can apply them made it one of the only palettes that I consider to have versatility. The application guide included is great for beauty novices too. Would also make for a great stocking filler this Christmas. My thoughts on the palette are here.

3. Charlotte Tilbury

charlotte tilbury

One of the most memorable experiences of blogging, not just this year but of all time, was meeting Charlotte Tilbury to hear all about her new products and her world of make up. Having the most famous make up artist in the world recommend eye shadow colours to suit you is definitely up there with the most important beauty advice I have ever received. I wrote a couple of reviews this year about Charlottes and you can have a read both here and here.

4. Cocoa Brown  – the best tan for pale skin

Cocoa Brown tan

I don’t wear fake tan an awful lot, but Marissa Carter’s super tan had me trying out lot’s of fake tan looks over my summer holidays and beyond. After the launch of her tanning gels back in October, I found myself using them to just add a little colour on my chest when wearing a low cut top, or just a dash on my arms for short sleeves. The first product from this worldwide brand, the mousse, is still up there as one of my favourites for pale skin. But the gels are perfect for party season too.

5. Max Factor Lipfinity

Max Factor Lip Finity Long Lasting Lipstick

I am a lipstick junkie and finding the pefect lippie is no easy task. But it’s made much easier having discovered the new Max Factor Lipfinity range. The packaging makes it look like a very expensive product but it certainly isn’t. The long lasting, strong pigmented colour leaves your lips hydrated (much needed in this stormy weather) and doused with a splash of colour. Definitely my lipstick of the year. You can see the colours I loved most here.

And to come later in the week, my most popular posts this year!

Lorna x