Snapchat Series. It’s new!


I decided over the weekend that I needed to invest way more time in my Snapchat. So I decided the easiest way to have a go was to create my own weekly series of posts. Now they are on things that are a bit fashion-y and beauty related so I think you’ll like them. In case you don’t follow me already, my username is lornaweightman so you should find me fairly easily. So are ya interested?

Well here is what’s to come!


Monday’s will be all about bargains! One fashion and one beauty buy that you simply must have and a couple of pointers on where to get them, how much they cost and why I love them. I started today with a Topshop kohl pencil and a new polka dot shirt from New Look for just €29.99


Tuesday I will share my tricks! A few hacks and tips and tricks from up my stylist’s sleeve. From quick ways to change up your look and a cheat or two when it comes to make up.


This might be my favourite, it will be called, officially, Wednesday Wishlist. I’ll be sharing links and pics of all my favourite clothes that I just don’t have enough pennies to buy. But, hey we can wish…


Oh Thursday will be perfect, just in time for the weekend. Oh yes, it’s HAUL day! I will be sharing my buys of the week and why I love them. And I promise they won’t cost a fortune!


We have to finish the week with some outfit inspo – so this will be about my outfit. Think of it as the OOTD of Snapchat.

My post on Instagram with my series line up!

My post on Instagram with my series line up!