My new Goldfever Hair Extensions

Goldfever hair extensions

I’ve had Goldfever Hair extensions before, but I was so excited to get them back in last week. I’ve had shoulder length hair for about six months now so it was time for a change! What I love about this particular brand of hair is how small the bonds are to attach to your own hair, meaning that you can hardly feel them. You would expect that this amount of extra hair would be really heavy but honestly, it’s not. Maintenance is key with these; you must dry the bonds to prevent them slipping and shampoo with no sulphates is required. You do find that you go through more shampoo, but it will help the hair to last longer.

Goldfever Hair extensions – the process!

I went to Preen Hair & Beauty on Dame Street in Dublin to have mine applied, and the amazing Clare Gallagher who has trained with Goldfever applied the hair. Now, you have to be patient with this; mine took nearly a full day, so make sure you take a day off work to have them done. A consultation is done in advance to match the hair colour perfectly, and, if you have coloured hair it’s a good idea to have any highlights or tints about a week ahead as the hair cannot be applied to freshly coloured hair. Goldfever hair extensions also come with a certificate to show the authenticity of the hair.

If you fancy having the hair extension experience, take a look at the video I made of my own hair being applied. And you can check out all my vlogs over on my You Tube channel!

For more information you can check out their websites here:

Preen Hair & Beauty 


My hair extensions were kindly provided by Goldfever, and applied by Preen Hair & Beauty, Dublin.