My new found love. Hair extensions.

I’m in a wonderful and new relationship. It’s early days but we are getting on splendidly. We go out together to nice places, getting all dressed up and looking glam. And we are actually on a plane right now going to London. Yes, it’s serious. I’m very excited for our future, because every six months we get to start afresh.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Before and After!


Confused? I thought so. My new love is not a man (I have one of those already). It’s my very fabulous new Great Lengths hair extensions which were carefully applied by the hair extension queen of the southside suburbs, Pamela Laird of the Beauty Parlour, Terenure. Pamela is a genius with extensions and there is not one thing that she doesn’t know about them from her years of training as an extension specialist. I have always been terrified of adhering anything to my locks. Hair is delicate and I was only willing to put mine in the professional hands of someone who knew what they were doing. I headed along to the Beauty Parlour for a consultation initially so I could get all the facts. The Great Lengths hair extensions that would be added to my hair, have small bonds, which is like a glue for want of a better description. The bond is attached to the hair carefully, so that you can add volume or length , depending on the look you are going for. I wanted both. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine and it tends to have an optimum length, beyond which it will not grow. Pamela explained that hair extensions would be blended to suit the tones of my hair, as it is highlighted, so you end up with three or more shades in your hair, which leaves a really natural looking result. The hair also comes in “star” levels; with seven being that highest. The seven star hair is re-bondable, and can be reattached after the extensions have been carefully removed after six months. The six month limit is mandatory to maintain the condition of your hair and avoid matting. Having gone through the consultation, Pamela left me confident that I could give this a try.


I returned a week later, when the hair had arrived in, and we began the process (in that week I had my highlights done so my colour was at its peak and root-free). End to end, the whole application only took two and a half hours, shorter than I thought. Pamela talked me through the application each step of the way, and ensured my hair was in a condition that would take the hair. I pre-cleansed my hair the night before with a special shampoo to strip out any product or grease. My hair never felt so clean!

Great Lengths Hair Extensions


The finished product is long, glossy hair that looks so natural. Maintenance of the extensions is key; washing your hair must be done with gentle shampoos, like Mane and Tale and any colour-protecting shampoo is banned. Hair masks can be used to keep up the condition of the hair and honestly, I find that if I style my hair, it lasts without any hair spray or additional grooming.


As you may have thought, extensions are investments and in some cases, the cost can be anything up to €1000, so you must have a consultation first to assess your hair and determine the expected cost. I think if you want these yourself, it’s worth saving for. Put away some money every month after your consultation so you know the cost, and then you can pop along to the Beauty Parlour for the ultimate treat.


The Beauty Parlour also offers a full list of beauty treatments and stocks every great product imaginable including the new Khroma line from the Kardashians.


23 Terenure Place,  Terenure, Dublin 6

Phone:  (01) 492 9977



  1. Tara Day
    March 5, 2013 / 7:56 pm

    The darker shade looks much better on you! Having hair extensions is not an easy decision to make. And just like what you mentioned, one should consult an expert first before doing so. It will ensure that your hair will still be in good shape after the extensions are added. Keeping it in good condition will make it last for several months, even years.

    Tara Day