My Favourite Activewear

my favourite activewear

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you will know I am a recent fitness convert. Back in November I decided I wasn’t doing enough for myself, and being an anxiety sufferer was not making my stress levels any better. I work a lot, and don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but as with every career, it can takes a toll. So I made a decision to get fit, lose a few pounds and get myself to a level where I was confident in my body and in my mind. I started with great personal trainer called Mark at Number 17 Personal Training in Dublin, and so began the transformation. That was just the beginning, and from there I took up yoga again and I got myself back into running.

So all in all, we are now in June, and I work out four times a week and I love it. It’s part of the normal week for me now, and I look forward to doing some form of exercise every day. I have a FitBit to track the regular day to day walking, but a good balance of cardio, HIIT, weights, flow yoga and rest has changed my body shape. But of course, as a fashion gal, what I wear to work out has become very important. Yes, I know, first world problems an’ all, but I like nice training gear. So basically I have tried out most brands at this stage and have found three that work for me and my needs. And not to mention the load of washing I have every week just from working out. In no particular order, here are some of my favourite activewear brands…

Bear Strength my favourite activewear brands

This brand was not one I had heard of until I read about it on the Twitter feed of an actor I follow. I went to the website and I liked the look of the gear, and that fact that it’s built for things like CrossFit (which I haven’t done, as I am terrified of it). Their training tops are brilliant; comfortable, breathable and very kitsch with some pretty great slogans. I have the “Girls That Lift” training top and it’s my favourite. I’ve washed it a hundred times and it’s still perfect. Probably time I got some more of this.

Pink Soda @ JD Sports

my favourite activewear

I have lot’s of this stuff and for cardio I find it incredibly comfortable. The sports bras aren’t designed for any heavy work outs (support is quite light) but they are perfect for weights and similar activity. I also have the matching zip up hoodie which has been great the post work out walk home when my body temperature starts to go down. I’ve also been known to wear this with jeans.


my favourite activewear

I first got my hands on this last September; I love the design of the Puma range, and their sports bra is my favourite in the whole collection. The running pants are also great for yoga as they are so flexible and the rubber panelling makes them a bit different to everything else I have. The waist band comes up a bit higher to give nice shape as well.

It’s hard to pin down my favourite activewear brands as there are so many to choose from. I also wanted to mention the merits of the high street fashion brands ranges from Primark and River Island that are also really good, and really affordable.

Happy Training!