My fashion addiction: Stylist Pick (I can’t get enough!)

I’m having a little problem with Stylist Pick – I can’t seem to tear myself away from it. It’s actually my new addiction and I may need some rehab for it. I know I can style myself pretty well, but these guys get it right for me everytime I log into the showroom. I have a pretty girlie style with a small dose of edginess when I feel like it and this week on the website, there is a great selection of shoes which tickle my fashionable fancy.

My ultimate favourite pair are these taupe stillettos (see link here) recommended by the lovely Cassie Fitzpatrick who I had the pleasure of meeting in May (she interviewed me for Muse TV, check it out below). They are only £38 and the mix of colours and style are a must have for me. I’m wearing a lot of baggy jeans at the moment; I roll them up and wear with stilettos with a t-shirt and blazer and I am loving this take on my usual attire. I am a fan of skinny jeans but this new style is starting to grow on me. Anyway, take a look at these shoes, and log onto to get your own showroom from the experts!

I’m at the 30 second mark!