My beauty haul with Yon Ka, NYC and Kérastase

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It’s that time again when I tell you about what’s on my desk right now and what beauty products I have been reviewing this week. I’ve a nice mix too, from skin to make up to hair (haven’t reviewed hair stuff in ages!) so let’s get to it shall we?

Yon Ka Eau Micellaire

Yon Ka

The Micellar water trend is still looming and having tried Garnier’s dream boat of a product which is also very inexpensive, I was eager to try one of the premium brands as a means of comparison. I had read quite a bit about the amazing properties of the Yon Ka version and whether it was going to live up to the reviews I had been reading. It’s a fairly complex product that does quite a few things; it’s soft and fresh, and has the essential miscellar technology to actively take off make up gently. It’s great for sensitive types, like me, and I felt it was not stripping or depriving my skin of anything. Applying with cotton wool will do the trick and remove all traces of make up. So what’s in it? Well there’s sea lavender, rose and chamomile essential oils and bergamot and mint which are always great for invigorating the skin. This is available on Amazon if you want to get it and roughly costs about $40 plus shipping

Clarisonic Pedi

Clarisonic pedi

This gadget has been on my desk for a while and honestly I was a bit scared of trying it as I am a little sensitive about my feet. I gave it a try last night and it’s super. Basically you give yourself a twice a week foot love; using the pedi-smooth disc you buff off the horrible hard skin, then apply the lovely and super soft exfoliant, Pedi Buff and use this alongside the brush head for a few minutes to give your feet a full clean. Even after these two stages, my feet were so soft and summer ready. Then comes the Pedi Boost which is like a serum to help your feet’s skin regenerate and a balm to finish the process. The whole takes about 15 minutes considering you have to change brush heads and spend a few minutes on each foot. The Pedi Boost also needs a good five minutes to soak into your skin. This is the ultimate at home foot spa treatment that you can have whenever you like. And over summer when we see more of our feet, this is a great product. The whole system is €199 so save your pennies!

Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste

My hair can get quite dry so when I find something to counter that, I’m going to be very happy. This range is for brittle over-dry hair and it certainly knows how to repair it. I absolutely love the masque; it’s a good bandage for my dry ends. You wash your hair using the Bain Therapiste (€19.50) and I alternate the conditioner and the masque (€36.00), using the masque about once a week. This is a good one for repairing your hair to get it summer ready.

NYC City Proof waterproof mascara

city waterproof mascara

I am in hay fever hell right now, and my eyes are hating it. Steaming constantly I look like I have been very upset over something. But what does upset me is mascara running all over my face. So this little gem of a mascara is brilliant. It’s only €2.99/£2.49 and not only is it waterproof it’s nice and flexible and not flaky which are pet hates of mine with waterproof mascaras. Add to your make up bag right now.