Moss Bros – making menswear into womenswear

Moss Bros

I love a good tux jacket. Now I mean on me, and not necessarily on the man in my life. Although he looks good in one too. Sorry, straying off the point. I recently went to Belfast with the famous menswear brand and tailor, Moss Bros who have long been a strong name in menswear. They have just opened a beautiful new store in the heart of Belfast and I had the pleasure of being a guest at the opening. I have to say that their collections are beyond exceptional; with an array of tailoring under their own brand as well as other well known names such as DKNY and Ted Baker.

Moss Bros

They also offer a bespoke service should you want to customise something to your own taste, something which I think we all love in fashion. We like to have a piece of us in our clothing. I love suiting, and despite not working in an environment that requires one, I like to channel my inner Kate Moss and wear a suit to events from time to time. And the Moss Bros opening was no exception. I was determined to wear a dinner jacket for the evening, even though it’s all menswear. The idea of borrowing from a man’s wardrobe has long been associated with shirts (in my house anyway) so why not jackets?

I found a beautifully made black dinner jacket by Moss Bros in a 36 regular that worked perfectly. Yes, the sleeves are a bit long, but nothing a bit of styling can’t fix. The fabric is luxurious and I felt sophisticated in it. I also spied a divine blue velvet dinner jacket that I have to make my own for the Winter season. The collection doesn’t stop at suiting, they do a great check shirt too that exudes the hipster vibe, but I reckon I could tie this around my waist and style up with a white tee, leather jacket and jeans? So, basically, menswear doesn’t have to be for the boys. Find the piece you like and make it your own.

The full collection can be seen at 

Note: I travelled to Belfast with thanks to Moss Bros, and my jacket was gifted.