MMM – Music. Muzu. Microsoft.

You know how much of  techy geek I am right? Well if you didn’t know, you know now. Aside from that, I would like to think I am the world’s foremost expert on pop music. You don’t want to meet me in a table quiz I tell you. Music and fashion merge all the time, and I am on the lookout for good tunes for fashion shows all the time and that’s why I like It Has everything I need, a limitless source of music for my ears. So I was pretty happy to hear, as a PC user, that Muzu have teamed up with Microsoft and have developed a Muzu app for the new Windows 8 operating system. I get so much inspiration from music videos for features and shoots that having access to something like through an app will be pretty great for someone like me!

“Muzu is a really exciting application for Windows 8,” said Caroline Phillips, Developer Platform Lead, Microsoft. “Muzu’s Windows 8 application demonstrates the potential and opportunities that Windows 8 presents for developers to create the next generation of applications across multiple devices.”

So fashionistas, I highly recommend taking a look at this, whether you want inspiration from your favourite artists, or just want a listen to a good CHOON!

If you want the app for your desktop, download it here!
Muzu – MUZU.TV Windows 8 App_Hero on MUZU.TV.