Mineralissima Mineral Makeup

Mineralissma Mineral Foundation Powder

Mineral makeup is having a moment, and so no better time to tell you about Mineralissima Mineral makeup, a brand that hails from the Netherlands and is gaining notoriety as an affordable mineral makeup that is completely natural. Their philosophy is that mineral makeup which has to be of a good quality since it’s pretty much organic, should not be overpriced, making this gentle form of product attainable. They are also proudly recognised by PETA as a brand that does not test on animals. But what about the products themselves? Well over the weekend, I put them to the test. 

Mineralissma Mineral Make up
Mineralissma Mineral Make up

First thing to note is that the look that comes from these products is light, so it’s ideal for weekends chilling when you don’t want to load your face with heavy coverage foundations. I used the pressed powder foundation to start out with and applied this with a medium size powder brush. My skin needs some coverage so I also have a light layer of concealer on in these pictures. The foundation moves nicely so you can blend it in all over your face, and I guess if you want a look that is more “night time” then you could use this as a setting powder over a liquid make up too. The blush is the same consistency and does go on with a strong pigment, so be careful when applying so that you don’t have very rosy cheeks! 

Mineralissma Mineral Makeup

The eyeliners were most impressive. I love kohl pencils, they give a naturally smokey effect that you can smudge on your lash line to edge up the look. These pencils are a gem; they go on so easily and are not too dramatic. I don’t like kohl pencils that look like a pen line drawn on rigidly. I just tried the black, but there are other colours including dark brown which is good for daytime. 

The lip liner was my favourite product of all. And I think I loved it more as the colour I got to review was right on the button with the colours I wear all the time. I’m wearing “L22” in these pictures which is a rich plum that you can line and wear all over your lips as well, just add some gloss. The pencil pares well too, and I noticed that it didn’t break once in the parer which has happened me a lot lately with lip liners. This one is more like a pencil; it’s hard but can be smudged, and the colours are really lovely. I noticed too that these products don’t contain anything like talc, parabens or purfumes; I always avoid these ingredients as my skin just hates them, and lashes out at the thought of them being applied. 

Mineralissma Mineral Powder

For an affordable mineral makeup brand, Mineralissima is great. Not expensive, good quality with a good, varied range of products to build up over time. If you want to have a look at the full range, just check out www.mineralissima.com