May Beauty Buys

My May Beauty Buys are full of nice treats, so if you fancy spoiling yourself and your skin, then you’ll love these items. I’m starting to think about tanning now, and since I don’t get any kind of a real one, I have to resort to the false kind. My recent discovery is He-Shi wash Off Bronzer which, for a quick fix, or night out is ideal. It does not budge when you put it on meaning no transfer to your nice outfit. You have to give it a good scrub to get it off as well. I applied it with a mitt in circular motions to get an even look. Sticking with skin for a second, Chantacaille Future Skin Foundation is a beautiful product. You only need a small amount for your whole face (and thank goodness for that as it’s expensive) and so the pot goes a long way. It’s also oil free for anyone with combination skin. But before you apply it, try out the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask  which will not only give your skin a lovely glow, you can re use it up to three times. The fact that its dry was hard to digest at first, but I get it now. You do look a bit scary wearing it, so maybe keep it for when you’re on your own! 

Onto make up, and I’m focusing on the look of skin. Apply your makeup with Luxie Rose Brush Kit which is very good value for money in terms of a brush kit and the quality is excellent. I’m all about blush at the moment, and my May Beauty Buys is focusing on cheeks and contour! The Nars Blush Matte is a soft, blendable blush and it has a great colour range too. Complement this with Illamasqua Highlight and Illuminator  a very luxurious highlight that needs a lot of blending so watch how much your brush lifts. And to finish off your effortless summer makeup look, try the Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Bronzer  which has been on my must have list for ages and it’s now available!