Max Factor CC sticks! Oh how I love!

Max Factor CC Sticks

There is a new product in town that’s set to take the beauty world by storm, and it comes in the form of the new Max Factor CC sticks! Yes I said sticks! No more creams, no more gunk to mess up your bathroom, these are revolutionary. I tried them out last night underneath my make up for an important event, and honestly there are no words (and I don’t say that very often I tell you!). It all started with Max Factor (did you know he was a real person?) whose Colour Harmony principles underpinned every product he developed to neutralise our skin and any unwanted tones. Now a hundred years later, these principles are still applied. And now, they have been embedded in these super new CC sticks.

Max Factor CC Sticks

The Reducer (Green)

This is my fav as I have been a rosacea sufferer all through my late twenties to my current young age of 31. It’s green, but blends into areas, like cheeks, very easily and covers any signs of red. I love it for this!

The Revitaliser (Purple)

Loving the colours already, huh? If you have sallow areas or anything a little yellow, this one is for you.

The Brightener (Yellow)

Just perfect for the under eye area, and it really does show through foundation!

The Balancer (Pink)

Dark spots on lighter skin tones will be a problem no more. I don’t have this problem, so I’m not a great canvas but judging based on the others, this is a goodie too!

The Illuminator (Highligher)

You don’t even have to blend this one in! It seems to just disappear into your skin when you apply it. Draw a line under your cheek bones, along the temples and down your nose to give this one it’s proper use. I also popped it over my foundation for some extra effect!


The above are my thoughts, but Pat McGrath (super dooper famous make up person) says, “Like sculpting light, with ultra-dewy high shine moisturisers, and then accenting cheekbones and sometimes even the eyelids with shine. Apply it over tinted moisturiser to add little flecks of light and a touch of sophisticated shimmer. It adds luminosity to the face with little effort and without being overpowering”.

Try for yourselves, the Max Factor CC sticks are available now and are €10.99 each!