A little food and fragrance post with Braun and Max Benjamin candles

Max Benjamin Tea Collection Candles

Ah so I’ve lot’s to talk about this morning from food to home things! I’ve been taking care of myself lately, in terms of trying to eat well, cook better meals and create a nice calm home to live in (well as much as can be expected in the hectic life I have!). Cooking has become a passion, and I tell you this is a stretch for me since I used to live off ready made meals from M&S. Now I am researching ingredients, cooking food that is full of nutrients and full of lot’s of goodness. I am also trying to meditate for ten minutes a day to help balance out how I cope with days are full using a great app called Headspace. So, where do we start. Oh yes, the hummus again.

Food Glorious Food!

Hummus is a great, and very easy snack to make. A while ago I posted a recipe on the blog, but having discovered a new tool, the Braun Multiquick hand blender, it made this recipe even easier. So here is the amended recipe!

Braun handled blender

One tin of chickpeas, 200g

Two small cloves of garlic, or one big one (this one is up to your tastebuds)

Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

A good dollop of natural yogurt

Salt to taste

Teaspoon of cumin

Paprika for decoration!

Basically, you put all of the above in a bowl and blend, but what I didn’t do the last time was add the yogurt which helps blend it very smoothly and gives it a nice creamy taste. The  new blender made a huge difference, in that it’s strong enough to make the hummus more liquidy and less thick (the usual problem I have). The Braun blender starts at €74.99.


Oh smells nice!

Max Benjamin Tea Collection Candles

Last week I was briefly able to pop to the launch of the new range from Irish company Max Benjamin candles which is stocked at Arnotts. The new range is called “The Tea Collection” which includes fragrances like Assam and Lemon as well as Lime Flower and Lavender. “There is virtually a speciality tea revolution taking place and we felt that tea fragrances would work very well in candles.  We chose some of the most iconic teas including Earl Grey, Jasmine and Assam and blended them with essential oils to create special tea fragranced candles.  There is something to suit every taste in the range and we hope our customers will enjoy them as they sit down to sip a cuppa!” says Mark Van den Bergh ofMax Benjamin. They smell divine and come in a lovely tin with a lid in case you want to bring the scent of home with you when you travel.