Masterclass with Penneys Denim

Penneys denim

Penneys denim is a new favourite range of mine. Thanks to exceptional fabric and structure, affordable denim is having a moment. So I was inspired to have a little denim masterclass and show you how I style Penneys denim three ways over the next week or so. Mixing and matching is key, but it doesn’t have to be about casual wear either. I’m also have an affair with polka dots so not better way to start this miniature project. Nothing beats a good pair of jeans and a great top. This look has become a staple for me this summer. There are couple of things to note about this top. Firstly, I have boobs, and they are not small. So the V-neck and empire line are flattering. The billowing sleeve gives me a little coverage on my arms and with a tie at the back the top is really well constructed for €11. 

The jeans are a “retro” fit so they are slightly loose on my legs, so I like to keep my tops more fitted to keep my body in proportion. This might seem like a simple look, but it’s so me. I feel comfortable and like myself. To finish the look, I have these super cute metallic slip ons which are a great addition to a summer wardrobe and work so nicely with light wash denim. 

I get asked about sizing a lot when it comes to Penneys and I tend to go up a size in Penneys denim (I’m in a size 12 here). They are a little loose on the waist but nothing that a good belt can’t fix!

All the pieces featured are in store now! And stay tuned for the next look later in the week! 

Penneys Denim Penneys Denim Penneys denimPenneys DenimPenneys DenimPenneys denim