Managing my expectations not resolutions

new year's resolutions

We all do it. Decide it’s a new year, so a new me is required and make resolutions which we try out for a month or so then get bored of them and resort to our habitual ways. But I’ve decided that I need to take a more proactive approach to my New Year to do list. And so instead of making resolutions, I am just going to manage my expectations a little better. So I’ve come up with a list of things that I can control, quite easily, and hopefully make them into a routine that lasts longer than January.

  1. Worry carefully

I worry profusely. If I don’t have something to worry about, I’ll make something up or worse, worry why I have nothing to worry about instead of enjoying the freer head space. Nothing is going to change the fact that I am a natural born worrier, I don’t think I can make a resolution to worry less as that is not going to happen. But what I am going to do is worry more carefully. What? Yeah I know it’s like the “Conscious Uncoupling” of new year wishes. I’m going to worry about the things that really impact my life, and not the things I can control or manage. I’m going to worry less about what people think of me and my work, and more about my development and using positive comments to fuel me. Use my worrying skills to make my work and personal life better.

2. Relax efficiently

I definitely don’t take enough time to relax and when I say that I mean it. I take a day off here and there but I still check my email and social media so it’s not exactly proper down time. It’s hard to disconnect yourself when you have your own business, but this year, when I relax, I mean it’ll be an all out switch off. No phone, more mindfulness and less work. Even if I’m busy I’m going to take even a few minutes to think about nothing, listen to HeadSpace and have time to mind, well, my mind. Yoga has always been a great way for me to do this and I intend to keep that up as well as working out, and my new favourite hobby colouring books.

3. Light more candles

I have become a candle fiend. I light them the second I get home and it fills my house with lovely fragrances. The scents I choose are calming, so lot’s of lavender and jasmine. I stay away from vanilla and things that are flowery, they’re a bit sickly. This might sound a bit weird, but I like the look of candles flickering, especially at night. They look welcoming in the hallway, and comforting in the sitting room. So I intend to do my bit for the candle making business, and light more.

4. Eat more courgettes

The whole healthy eating thing has all gone a bit mad. And, I would like to say that I eat healthily all the time, and that this year I will only eat good things, but that’s not going to happen. I am going to have a burger and chips in my local pub and I will eat Lindt 70% dark chocolate. But, I’ll allow myself these because I like them, and good food makes me happy. And I like things that make me happy, who doesn’t? But, what I am going to do is keep it balanced. I’m going to eat wholesome food and spend time preparing my food which I always enjoy. Plus, now that I own a spirulizer, I will eat more courgettes.

5. Read strategically

I checked my kindle and since last January I read over 65 books. And that’s just on my kindle, I think I read more in hard copy too. It’s an obscene number but I love reading and once I have a good book, I’ll be engrossed for hours. But, I read a lot of nonsense. Mainly, to switch off. Nothing beats a good work out of your imagination. But this year, I am going to read less books but more insightful ones, books that leaving me pondering. Books should have a long lasting effect on your brain, so I am going to make a list of books I’ve always wanted to read but felt afraid of the amount of pages or just the subject matter. I’m thinking of starting with Ulysses.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. And Happy New Year!

Lorna x