Makeup Storage Solutions with HerClutterBox

HerClutterbox make up storage

Ok, listen up because I am about to change your life. Especially if you are a makeup junkie like me then pay extra attention. I have makeup and beauty products everywhere, all over my house and my office. Thanks to be perks of being a blogger I accumulate a lot of products to review, but the problem is I haven’t had an effective storage solution until now. I was contacted by the magical team at HerClutterBox to see if I’d like to give their 6 drawer makeup storage box a go. Well, “absolutely” said I. 

This box has all of your makeup storage solutions within; a combination of deep and shallow drawers that are perspex so you can see right into the box to locate things. I didn’t realise how handy even this small thing could be. But let’s talk through the box itself for a second. This one is big, so if you don’t have the space to put it, or you need something more compact, there are smaller versions available. I always thought no drawer set could be big enough for my makeup but I found with a bit of decluttering before I started to fill the box, I am left with the essentials that now have a nice clean home. I’ve decided to keep products I haven’t unboxed in a dedicated drawer too. 

The drawer dividers that come with the box are great; you can switch them around to suit the size of the products. I always find lip glosses a funny size, so this is a dream to have. The top of the box has a lid that flips right back so you can maybe keep the items you use the most at the top. Also under the lid, is an insert that will take things like pencils, mascaras or even make up brushes. This can also be removed so that you have a deep drawer for anything tall like foundations. 

I am only at the beginning of filling up the HerClutterBox and I know over time I’ll move bits and pieces around to suit the products I have. I’ve thrown away all the cardboard boxes I used to store all sorts of beauty products, even my skincare. I am so particular about my things that I am surprised I didn’t buy one of these sooner, but with sincere thanks to the HerClutterBox team, my makeup never looked so good. 

HerClutterbox make up storage
The top section has a flip lid and an insert for any longer items
HerClutterbox make up storage
Finally somewhere to put longer shaped palettes!
HerClutterbox make up storage
The drawer dividers are great to store lipsticks securely so they don’t fall over
HerClutterbox make up storage
The 6-drawer box comes with an insert for pencils and tall items

The above box is €285 and the full product list is available on their website! 

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