Make up tips! My top five essential make up tricks

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I’m no professional make up artist but over the last number years, I’ve learned a few tricks. So do you need some make up tips? Well here are my top five make up and beauty tricks which you can try yourself with any products (but I’ve added in my favourite ones)

1. Banish dark circles with light concealer

There are plenty of great concealing products out there, but nothing seems to get rid or just cover up those dreaded dark circles. I tend to have yuk circles under my later in the day for some reason rather than first thing in the morning. But still, I make sure I cover them up from the minute I pop on my make up. After applying my foundation, I take a liquid concealer that’s about one tone lighter than my skin. I apply this with a soft round brush under my eyes and blend right down to just above my cheek bones. This has a highlighting effect as well as coverage. I also pop a dot to the side of my eye to balance the tones. I particularly like Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage concealer and the new Dark Circle Corrector from Kiehls.

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer

2. Line those brows

Line your brows, what? Yep. Take your brow pencil and draw a line around them, basically to create a “frame” that you can fill in. The pencil should be sharpened and then buffed lightly on the back of your hand so it’s not too pointed. Then take a brow filler, like a wax or powder and fill in your brows, keeping within the lines you have drawn. I find this a great way to define shape first, especially since I have one wonky brow. Wet N Wild pencils are great as they are soft and blend easily. For a wax based brow product, Georgio Armani Eye Maestro is amazing, as is Rimmel’s Brow This Way for something more affordable.




3. ….and line those lips

I love lip liner. Gosh, I just have a fascination with lines! And drawing them! Now this one isn’t exactly a hidden trick or anything, but it’s a bit of an essential rather than one of my unknown make up tips. I like my liner to a fraction darker than my lipstick, I think it defines it a little better. Start from the lower lip in the middle and draw a smudged line, then fill outwards. Fill in your cupid’s bow and fill outwards too. What you do next is imperative. Fill in your lips with the liner, but only slightly. You don’t want to fill in your whole mouth as the pencil can be drying. Then apply your lipstick straight from the bullet and press your lips together so the application is even. If you want your lips to look a little fuller, add a small amount of gloss to the centre of your lips only. Wet n Wild make amazing lip liners and try with YSL Glossy Stain




4. Use a mix of loose and pressed powder

I need to use powder to set my make up or else it would have disappeared before I’ve even left the house. But, one of my top make up tips is to use a mix of loose and pressed powder on different parts of your face. My nose and forehead can get a little oily so I use a large powder brush to apply a pressed powder to these facial aspects to help my make up last longer. Then I buff in loose powder to the rest of my face, using circular motions on my cheeks to ensure the powder is even and I haven’t left any excess product sitting on my skin; it won’t be absorbed. This two-product trick has saved me! For which products to use, I love Chanel Universelle Libre as it glides on your face, and for something with more coverage, Esteé Lauder Stay in Place Powder Make up is very good.

5. Green cream is a saviour

Green cream is a pretty nasty colour but another one of my favourite make up tips is to apply it to spots to tone down any redness. The green is known to neautralise red areas on the face, but the only red part I have are where horrible pimples decide to show up. When I need to cover them, I take a very small concealer brush (the best one is Real Techniques Precision Brush that comes in the Core Collection) and dap some liquid green cream onto the spot and blend in before popping some liquid concealer over this for coverage. I find the spot looks less obvious by reducing the appearance of redness. Green creams are great, and one little find is the Kiko Milan Natural Concealer in 04-Green.

green concealer

So there you have it. There may not be anything magical above, but these are the little make up tips I rely on! Enjoy!