Lorna Weightman Style: Blogging with Fiorelli Bags

The Fiorelli Bags project comes to a close with Belinda accompanying me to a super event, the launch of What’s Salon which I helped to launch in Ireland last week. Even for an event, where I needed to pack my make up bag, some flat shoes and my other essentials, there is plenty of room to do this with Belinda! I think the tan colour was the best option for me, as it has worked with nearly everything in my wardrobe! The bag has been a statement accessory and has saved me from having to plan a bag to match each of the outfits I have worn in my blogging project! In the below image, I am wearing a dressy sweatshirt, with a pair of black shorts and some “go-to” black suede boots which I wear all the time! [Photograph by Conor Healy]

Lorna Weightman at the What Salon launch

It’s me with Belinda!