Lorna Weightman Style: Blogging with Fiorelli Bags

Well my little style project with Fiorelli Bags is taking a nice direction, and with every day I used Belinda, she becomes even easier to style. The tan shade that I chose for my bag, is so versatile, and even with black, it creates a lovely chic balance of colour. Who new ¬†you could colour block with a bag? These outfits that I am wearing are a very typical look for me, but also show how this style of tote, can work for an evening event as much as it can for a day time one. So let’s take a look.


Outfit one: Daytime meetings

This looks is one of my favourite trans-seasonal outfits, with some printed trousers styled with a block colour on top to balance the look and a nice blazer (I have this fascination with blazers). Belinda eases into this style so gracefully, and in this pic, she has all my worldly belongings tucked inside, from my iPad, make up, notebook and diary. Fiorelli Bags are great for daytime use, as they can fit so much, but hang on, it works at night too!

Lorna Weightman Style, blogging with Fiorelli Bags

Daytime look!


Outfit two: Evening event

Wearing monochrome is so easy you know, and Belinda works perfectly with this look I think. In this pic, I am off to an awards ceremony and wanted to wear something more edgy, but still be able to carry around a pair of flat shoes and some make up.

Lorna Weightman Style, blogging with Fiorelli Bags


So you can check out all the web exclusive Fiorelli Bags online and see how you can work these amazing bags into your style.

Lorna Weightman