My Beauty Grind. The Daily MakeUp Routine!

Lorna Weightman

I spend a lot of time on my daily makeup routine, whether it’s focusing on foundation or eyes, either way, I always want to try new products and create a new look every so often. Thanks to the tutelage of Andie Peirce, I’ve been learning how to apply my foundation flawlessly and how to highlight all aspects of my face. There are plenty of products out there to suit your skin and by no means do you have to use what I have below. It’s about application of the products you love alongside some make up brushes!

Lorna Weightman


So starting with foundation! 

Dab foundation onto a stippling brush (these are great and my one is by Real Techniques) and dot along the cheekbones, nose and forehead first. Buff in the foundation and move towards the outer face so the foundation blends in nicely. You can layer up depending on how much coverage you want. I then buff in a small amount to my chin and lower face. To conceal any spots etc, I take a small brush and dot on a thicker concealer (I love Benefit Boing) to cover up and blend in with my fingers. In this picture, I am wearing Lancome Teinte Visionnaire which is an important part of my makeup routine.

Under those eyes

With a liquid concealer, lightly brush under your eyes to cover up any unwanted dark circles and to highlight. I love the look these gives and really frames your eyes perfectly. Cover All from Wet n Wild is great for this!

Highlight (round 1!)

My make up expert Andie, tells me you need to keep liquid on liquid and powder on powder. So my next step is to use my liquid highlighter around my eyes for some sparkle. Right now I am using YSL Rose Gold primer which is fantastic. Taking a round blush brush start at the outer corner of the eye and blend this in around your temples for a natural highlight.


With a loose powder, I dab a small around on my T-zone just to set my foundation in place. I don’t apply powder where I don’t need it, to let my foundation radiate it’s glow.


For day time I love to wear apricot tones on my eyes, as they really show off the blue circles! All I do is take a round blending brush and apply a small amount to the centre of my socket and blend outwards for a natural look. I add in a darker shade to the crease and inner eye if I want something more dramatic. Here I am wearing some more Wet N Wild, EyeShadow Collection in 738, “Comfort Zone”. My eyebrows are very fair so I always have to pencil them in. I have no real trick to this, but I use a dark brown pencil from NYX to firstly draw the lower lashes and then fill in from the bottom for both brows. Mascara is one of my favourite tools. On days when I decide not to wear foundation, I always apply a layer of Lancome Grandiose, it’s amazing!


I love pink and peach lip colours and this one is from Topshop! I tend to apply a matte colour then a small bit of gloss to the centre of my lips to make them look fuller. The gloss in this picture is from NYC!


And that’s it, my daily make up routine. All in all, it takes about twenty minutes!