Lorna in the Sunday Independent!

I am so excited about this! Today, I appeared in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine, in association with ebay as a “Rising stars of Ireland’s independent fashion-editorial scene”. And it wasn’t just me, I was joined by some of the top fashion freelancers in the country including, my very good friend stylist Courtney Smith, presenter Darren Kennedy, fellow blogger Stephen Maloney, make up artist Jen Quinn, photographer JP Keating, fashion intern Sian O’Carroll and fashion producer, Colm Corrigan (he works with Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney!).

Lorna Weightman

Here’s the pic!


Edited by Constance Harris, who I hold in the highest esteem, wrote the loveliest things about me and my new career that I shed a little tear:

“Fashion writer Lorna Weightman, for instance, trained and worked as an accountant, but her passion was always fashion. She finally decided to do something about it by starting a blog. She learnt about writing and editing, built up a following, got better a what she did and is now writing for print media. So it didn’t just fall in her lap: she worked for it. But her timing was right.”.

With a “rising star” title, I’ll work even harder and see what happens from here on out….

(Image by the wonderful Daniel Holfeld)