Logo T-Shirts

Logo T-shirts

It is the season of the logo t-shirt, whether you love Minnie Mouse or Led Zeppelin. Personally, I love a little quote. And since my goal of the year is to be a total go-getter then I think that this Penneys Logo tee is up my street. When you have a tough day it’s easy to just give up and walk away. But that’s the worst thing you can do. If anything, after a tough day, I tell myself to work even harder. Penneys love a logo t-shirt and they have lot’s to choose from this season. I fell for this “Don’t You Dare Quit” the second I saw it and to not overshadow the quote, I’m keeping my denim jacket open for all to see! Actually, let’s digress, how amazing is this bell sleeve denim jacket? The cotton is soft so it will work well on a summer’s evening. It’s easy to pick up a denim jacket, so I am on the look out for a jacket with a difference. The bell sleeve adds a Seventies vibe and of course, it’s super trendy right now. I love double denim but it’s not easy to pull off. I think the key is to have slightly different shades of denim for balance. Gosh that was a lot of style copy in one paragraph!

Deep breath. Are you into logo t-shirts? Have you got one already? Well add this one in from Penneys, it’s available in store real soon.

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