When I first heard about lip contouring I had to Google to it to find out what on Earth was this now? The only contouring I could ever mange was a small line on my cheekbone that I had to blend like mad thanks to my pale skin. But by now I reckon I have mastered that (thanks Kim Kardashian for the help with that) and it’s onto the latest contouring fad. Firstly I need to add that I don’t have small lips, and I don’t have big lips either. They are just normal sized lips. I don’t feel the need to make them look bigger per se, but I like them to look full, especially when I wear a strong coloured lipstick. So my version of lip contouring helps to flatter the shape I have, through the use of a few simple tools that don’t involve any kind of surgery or injections. 

Lip Contouring

I have a few things I use to create this lip contouring look. Firstly, a lip pencil that is a shade or two darker than the lipstick I plan on wearing. Today’s look is using Bourjois Lévres Contour Edition (shade is 01 Nude Wave) that I picked up in Boots for €5.99. Then the lip colour is one of my all time favourites, Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink, it’s the perfect shade if you want a soft pink without using a nude colour. The colour of your lipstick NEEDS to be a lighter shade (matte works best). And lastly, something you may not have thought of for lip contouring, a light concealer which for me, is NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer (Shade is Light 1 Chantilly). 

Lip Contouring

You can see from my “before” pictures that I have already completed the rest of my make up and I leave the lips until last. No particular reason, it’s just the order I use. On your bottom lip, line from the middle out to the right, and then the middle out to the left. Make sure you have a good pared pencil with a sharp tip. Then “scribble” with the pencil on the outer edges of your lower lip, up to the half way point. But, do not colour in the middle of your lip, this is very important. The re-pare your pencil so it’s sharp again, and start on your cupids bow with a thinner line and move out the right, and repeat for the left. Colour in just the outer edges of your upper lip, like you did below.

Lip Contouring

By now, you might look a little funny, but the next stage is crucial. Apply your lipstick from the bullet onto the lower lips first, right in the middle and gently coat outwards. Do the same with your upper lip. If you find the lip pencil and pigment of the lipstick aren’t blending, take a lip brush to give a little sweep across to blend in any hard lines. Last step: take a pointed brush (mine are from Blank Canvas) and with a small amount of concealer line under your lower lip and blend in with your fingers. This gives a highlighted effect. What you should be left with is a contoured effect, with a little ombré as well. And it takes all of two minutes to achieve! 

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