limited to unlimited have collaborated with ALTAROMA on the Limited/Unlimited project which is available online from their website This season, the project is entitled ‘Re-Edition’, and involves eight emerging talents, eight legendary maisons and eight iconic re-editions. Each handcrafted creation is a genuine collector’s item and available exclusively on They are available to buy now, where you can reserve your garment straight from the prestigious exhibition in Rome. Created by Altaroma’s president Silvia Venturini Fendi, this innovative project represents a new generation of fashion and couture, whereby avant-garde meets craftsmanship and tradition.

From the research that characterizes the identity of LIMITED/UNLIMITED, the exhibition was conceived as a manifesto of true stylistic individuality inspired by both the past and the future, bringing to life the special project RE/EDITION in collaboration with



Iconic pieces of 8 historic maisons will be interpreted by eight young designers who will make great use of their creativity, translating these pieces into real must-haves of the present. One-off pieces will be available exclusively on, the leading virtual store for multi-brand fashion and design in the world.


Albino/Alberto Fabiani, Leitmotiv/Simonetta, Max Kibardin/Albanese, Micaela Calabresi Marconi/Saddlers Union, Nicole Brundage/Gherardini, Sara Lanzi/Albertina, Sergio Zambon/Irene Galitzine, Silvio Betterelli/André Laug.


Rome, increasingly becoming a bridge between the past, present and future has a role and a mission that achieves concrete manifestations in this special project. At the heart of the project of Altaroma, RE/EDITION is the link between the historic maisons, contemporary young designers and the Internet.


Not just an exhibition, RE/EDITION will be also virtual and even mobile, thanks to its partnership with



Directly from the exhibition and from anywhere around the world, it will be possible to exclusively “reserve” the eight one-off pieces created by the young designers, all with a simple click from your iPad or computer. presents online special features and videos created for the project. Like a path leading from Rome to the web to the iPad, RE/EDITION and unique craftsmanship will reach the world thanks to