Halloween is over! And it’s ok to talk about Christmas! If you are like my hyper organised little sister this post will come a month too late and you’ll have all your shopping done. Not me! I’m only at the start of the thought process and I want to give you lots of lovely ideas over the next few weeks. 

I’m starting simple with small tokens for those in your life who love a little fitness, a flirtation with travel or just a lover of a good cup of tea. I love stocking fillers that are full of thought; not just something you pick up on Christmas Eve. It’s nice to know that someone cares enough to get you trinkets that are meaningful, and useful. 

I’ve recently got back to into yoga and I am in love with it. I forgot how calming it is and how great I feel after a class, so naturally I had to include some yogi goodies! Photography is now a hugely popular hobby thanks to cameras becoming more affordable as well as social media platforms like Instagram that make everything visual and shareable. Everyone can share their own pictures whether they are professional or not. 

I will be writing lots of Christmas shopping guides from now onwards so make sure you stay tuned for those! But to get you in the mood for some festive planning, here is a little edit of gifts: 


For the yogi:

For the world traveller:

For the tea + coffee lover:

For the health foodie:

For the photographer:

For the cozy times:

For the accessory obsessed:

For the marble vibes: