Let’s talk about Charlotte Tilbury.

charlotte tilbury make up

I’ve got an obsession. And if you read my instagram then you will see why. I was introduced to the wonders of Charlotte Tilbury make up back when she first launched the collection in Selfridges. Now the empire has grown and we can get our mitts on it at the amazing counter in Brown Thomas Dublin. I’ve tried A LOT of make up over the years, but this one has me coming back for more. I do receive samples, but I’ve willingly made myself a customer, repeatedly. It’s easy to see why when I tell you about the wonder of the products. I say, wonder, as that word will appear rather frequently. I’m no beautician or skin care professional, but I know what I like and as a dedicated follower of the beauty industry, when I see something that’s worth screaming about…well…I’ll shout from the ceiling of the nearest Chanel shop.

Let’s start with skincare shall we?

The Magic Cream is one of the best consistencies of a moisturiser I’ve come across. It’s a little dense and thick but I think this facilitates the ease to blend. And quite notably, you use less. Charlotte blended this cream backstage at shows to treat model’s skin prior to make up. Then it evolved into a formula that is undisputedly one of the best creams out there. Give this one a try!

Lipstick is what I adore, and when you name them after your celeb clients like Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz, then I’m going to love them even more. My favourite shades have to be Penelope Pink (that looks amazing with a darker lip liner and a splash of gloss) and Bond Girl for a deeper, more sultry shade for nighttime. The bullet is beautifully moist and your lips will feel hydrated all day with this one.

I do love a dark eye too, and Rock N Kohl which I have raved about before, is a brilliant eye liner. Try and apply this to the inner lash line of your top lids (this requires a bit of practice, and a few instances of eye stabbing) for a more intense line. Another great one is The Feline Flick (in panther) which works for a flick on the top lid, and it does not budge. Great for telly in my world!

Contouring has become such a big thing thanks to Kim K, but I don’t fancy the very defined look she goes for. And Charlotte Tilbury agrees, it’s about a soft definition to highlight your cheeks and jaws to create shape on your face. Not draw lines all over it. Filmstar Bronze & Glow is super for this and the powder formula blends in an instant. I apply the dark colour to my jaw, below my cheek bones and up to my ear line, then two little dots on either side of my forehead. This suits my heart shape face, but you do need to blend it in so that the colour looks natural. Then apply the highlight to the cheeks (I add some down my nose) and your your brows. This looks is glowy, and in the summer gives a bright, sun kissed feel.

Speaking of brows, I love them. I fill them in without fail each morning, even if I am wearing nothing else on my face. Charlotte Tilbery’s Brow Lift (in Cara D) is the best brow pencil I have ever used, and I am not lying. I am on my fifth one. Brush out your brows before you apply, then roll up the flat pencil (the key!) and gently pencil in. The consistency of the pencil is so soft, your brows never look like they have had pencil applied. You can add as much product as you like to get the desired brow effect.

Charlotte Tilbery make up

Clay mask

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Matte lipstick
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Charlotte Tilbury blue eye makeup
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Charlotte Tilbury matte lipstick
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Lip liner

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