Laser hair removal: Urbana

As you might have read I have been going to Urbana over the last few months to try out laser hair removal. After five treatments now, the real difference is starting to become apparent. How? Well I pretty much have baby-like skin on my legs now. There is not one hair in sight, and shaving seems to be something I can now say bye bye to. To add, my underarms, which are the most sore part of the whole laser hair removal process, are unbelievable.

It’s hard to explain how having to shave no longer can make your life just a little bit more efficient, as well as cost-efficient. On average, I used to spend about 25 euro per month, on razors and shaving gel, which I no longer have to do, so over a year that’s quite a nice saving in comparison to the initial cost of the laser hair removal therapy. So what am I saying? That it’s very much worth while.

laser hair removal

The Laser Machines at Urbana

My treatments have been given by Urbana Owner, Paula Cuddihy, whose expertise in this field are second to none. Each treatment is carefully planned, and from the outset, Paula ensures I know what to expect from it. The salon is relaxed and comfortable, and for three treatments I am having (lower leg, bikini line and underarms) it takes a total of fifty minutes.

I couldn’t be happier with the results of the treatment so far and with just a couple left, I will one very happy lady!

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