Laser Hair removal – my latest review of laser hair removal at Urbana.

You might have been following my treatment diary where I have been trying and testing laser hair removal at the fabulous Urbana. Well I’ve just had my second visit and I have to say the whole treatment is working a treat (alliteration intended there). As I wrote in my first diary, I’m having the hair zapped from my underarms, bikini line and lower legs.

Laser Hair removal Ireland

The most dramatic effect has been my underarms, where I have barely had to shave since having the first treatment. Also I’m finding my keeping my skin nice and buffed with an exfoliant, the regrowth has been slower and less course. My legs will take longer to adapt but so far, I’m really very pleased! Wearing tan has been easier too, and seems to last longer, and it’s not blocking my pours as much. Laser hair removal is growing vastly in popularity in Ireland, and thanks to the experts at Urbana, it’s easy to see why. My last treatment took less than an hour, and even though the laser feels like a “pinching” I have become accustomed to the sensation. The trick is to keep relaxed and not tense up, which will actually pinch more. Plus, having endless chats with Paula and the other therapists at the salon makes the time fly! Next treatment is another five weeks away, when I’m sure I’ll see even more hair disappear! Bye bye hair! Yay! If you are thinking about laser hair removal, Paula the owner of Urbana has some great FAQs to help you prepare for your treatment, here are a few!

I have never had laser before and am nervous? We completely understand, if you have never had laser before it is a pretty daunting experience, there is nothing to be worried about.  When we carry out your initial patch test we explain how treatment is performed and you will get a sense of how it feels from that patch test, if you are experiencing any real discomfort we can adjust settings so that you have a comfortable starting point.  Our main aim for your first few sessions is really to slow hair growth down and thin it out, this can be done by introducing a lower level of heat into the skin, your first few sessions should be comfortable and you should feel a slight/medium pinch depending on the density of your hair. We will take our time to explain what will happen and ensure you feel at ease.  Our therapists are very professional and will make sure you never feel uncomfortable.

Will laser hurt? When we initially perform a patch test we patch test you on the most sensitive part of the area to give you a true reflection of actually what you will be feeling.  We adjust settings in accordance with how sensitive you are and what you can manage personally.  As with most treatments it depends on the person and on the area being treated but we will always ensure you are comfortable.  The lasers we use all have additional cooling devices to decrease any sensitivity you may feel throughout your treatment. The vast majority of people say it’s the anticipation and thought of it which is the worst part, the actual treatment itself is fine for the first few pulses the energy can feel a little sharp but over the duration of a session it does get easier to manage.

How long between each session do I leave? Again this differs from person to person but on average a 4-6 week gap initially depending on the area being treated. We would recommend every 4 weeks for the face for at least 6 sessions this does depend on the rate of regrowth, after that we may extend the gaps in-between sessions to a 6-8 week interval or longer if necessary.  We would recommend every 6 weeks on the body depending on the density of hair and regrowth pattern and again extend the gaps in-between sessions to a 8-10 week interval. Your treatment area will be continually assessed throughout your course of treatment and your therapist will recommend when you should return for your next session.

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