Tried and tested: Laser Hair Removal, Part One.

I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to beauty I have to say. I don’t like pain unless its going to make me look like Gisele. but when I got the opportunity to review laser hair removal at Urbana I couldn’t say no.

laser hair removal

This is not me, but I’d like to look like this?

But first things first, I had to make sure my skin was ok with the idea of being hairless. Owner of Urbana, Paula Cuddihy took me through the whole process and did a patch test on my lower leg, underarm and bikini line, which also gave me an idea of just how much pain my legs were about to experience. The laser had different levels so its not like its a standard size fits all, it depends on your hair thickness and pigment, and of course, what your pain barrier is like. It feels like a series of pinches, with bony and sensitive areas being just a little more uncomfortable. Patch test done, with no adverse reaction it was time for my first session today.

Compared to waxing, it’s a lot less scary. Paula and I chatted throughout the treatment which really helped when the laser took one look at my ankles and went, yum. Yeah, just a little sore, it was. After just one treatment, the difference is visible. What’s left of the tiny hairs is now dead and will start to fall out over a couple of days, which I will follow with a gentle exfoliation to get rid of them.

I will have one such session every five weeks, and I can shave as normal between sessions until the full course has been completed. And don’t worry I’ll have a blog post after each one to document the progress. I tell you this will be laser hair removal for dummies.

You can visit Urbana Hair Removal Clinic from Tuesdays to Saturdays in either of one of their Drogheda or Dublin clinics. For more information or to book in for a free consultation you can visit, phone 01-635 1616 or visit the salon at Urbana, 9 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 / 113 West Street, Drogheda.





  1. Michelle
    June 10, 2013 / 2:13 pm

    I’d love to get this done but I’m deathly pale and have fair hair so doubt it would work.