La La Leather

I bought my first pair of leather leggings last year in Miami (of all places) where the sun shines and you would think there is no need for that kind of fabric. It was pre-Forever 21 taking a trip across the Atlantic; and we still basked in the haze of that feeling – stepping into the store knowing no one would have your carefully crafted outfit. Those days are gone but I am grateful for the affordable fashion the mega brand has brought here. I’m going off on a tangent here so back to leather. After the purchase of the leggings I have graduated to full blown Kate Moss wannabe, leather trousers.  So here is my guide to wearing the latest high street buy.

1) Fake the Balmain

There are very few of us who can afford €15,000 for anything with the Balmain label on it. As an alternative, you can just be inspired by it and get the look on a budget. My favourite way to wear leather trousers a la Posh Spice. You only need three things – a blazer, a t-shirt and heels (courts preferrably). Emphasise the sophistication of this look by wearing the end of the trousers at the ankle (this is the optimum length for these I think). This look from M&S embodies this look to a P for Posh.

M&S Leather trousers £99

[M&S Leather Trousers, £99]

2) Up the size

Most stylists may disagree with me here but I like these trousers a little bigger. It’s the only time I think I feel comfortable going a size bigger in something but I tell you it works. This pair from Misguided are a perfect fit and prove my theory! And I like the zip detail on the ankles.

Leatherette Trousers Misguided £27.99

[ , £27.99]

3) Knits

This is a look I am just experimenting with. Wear a really big, long, either chunky or fine, knit jumper over these and you look casual but ultra chic. I am lusting after this woolen cape from Next!

Next check cape €38