My jewellery box

jewellery box

I am a complete magpie, and my eyes just widen at the sight of jewellery, whether its just costume, or something with a higher price tag. Nothing finishes an outfit like accessories, and over the years I have built up a collection of all kinds. Sparkly, rose gold, silver, platinum and even the odd bit of cubic zirconia! I love nothing more than window shopping across all the cities I have visited to try and discover a new piece of treasure. Recently in an interview I did with U Magazine, I shared some pics of what I have in my jewellery box, but since that was just a snippet, I thought I would share some images of my sparkly things, and a story or two behind them. I tend to my jewellery that matches something I have, I don’t impulse buy with accessories, simply because I don’t exactly have a lot of storage space so less is more I think. What was it that Coco Chanel said? “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off“. And I believe this item is nearly always an accessory.

The brooches

I have a brooch that belonged to my grandma, and it’s a piece of costume jewellery I just love, so much so, I wore it on Xpose recently! Pieces like this can live on, after the very special owner has left us, and I treat it like an heirloom, and a piece of my history. (PS sorry about the purple play button below, I couldn’t get rid of it!) And, you can watch the full fashion slot on 3 player!

jewellery box

Xpose, April 2014, wearing my lovely brooch


Telling the time

I have a small addiction to watches of all kinds. I am very lucky to have several from Kenneth Cole, Thomas Sabo, Juicy Couture and DKNY. I never really wear a watch day to day, but for an occasion or evening time I cannot be without one. It seems funny as I was always told a lady didn’t need to wear a watch with formalwear! I have a mix of gold and silver ones, but my favourites are my Thomas Sabo watch with a wrap around black leather strap, and my Kenneth Cole Gold watch which is from Weirs on Grafton Street, Dublin.

jewellery box

Telling the time!



Rings glorious rings

Since I got married, I haven’t been much of a ring person, as the one I really wanted is now firmly on my left hand! But, from time to time, I like to wear loads of rings which seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment. Most of the rings I have are high street, which I pick up when I am usually looking for something else, and my most recent purchases have been from H&M who do amazing and inexpensive rings. I also love finger-top rings which are perfect for my summer wardrobe. Here are just a few I have in my jewellery box!


The statement necklace

Probably one of the most overused phrases in fashion, the “statement necklace” really does solve most outfit problems. As we are now immersed in Spring Summer, you can add one of these to a plain white t-shirt, and make an ordinary piece of clothing look cool. Golden, tribal, colourful, you name it I have it! I really love wearing one of these with a collared shirt too.


Lorna Weightman at London Fashion Week


jewellery box