Jasper Garvida at LFW!


Luxury womenswear designer, Jasper Garvida is proud to present his Spring/Summer 2012 collection ‘Autour d’un Point’ held at the lavish Bloomsbury Hotel, on the 19th of September.  
The hugely anticipated collection will play with all things contrasting – light and shade, day and night, hard and soft, and black and white.
Jasper Garvida has cited that women are his main source of inspiration, and with this collection he has made no exceptions.  His muse for this season is the inspiring Diana Vreeland, chosen for her individual sense of style, vigour for life, and love for the daring and the exotic.  Her ability to blend hard and soft elements can be seen throughout the collection.

Spring/Summer features a strong silhouette that complements the female form.  Soft fabrics and circular shapes are used to add a flow of movement around the body, mirroring the rhythm found in Frantisek Kupka’s painting ‘Autour d’un Point’ where the collection took its name.  This has been accentuated by the use of strong metallic hardware and oversized pockets.

The colour palette has been kept minimal, allowing Jasper Garvida’s signature feminine silhouette to be the main focal point.  Black and whites have been placed alongside metallic hues of silver and gold – keeping the collection cool, crisp and clean.

The print features bold geometric shapes that have been given an ‘Electro-tribal’ feel with the adage of animal print and abstracted feathers.  The hard-edge has been reinforced by the embellishment which is a translation of the print into 3D form, created through cleverly folded sequins which give the illusion of heavy studding without the additional weight.
The collection will be complemented by expertly styled hair and makeup provided by the outstandingly talented team from AOFM Pro. The Bloomsbury Hotel, with its magnificent neo-Georgian interior married with high-end contemporary design, fits perfectly with the brand and will offer a sublime backdrop to host this most decadent event.