Jake Davis – all the hair tips you need to know!


If you want to keep your hair looking sleek, healthy and gorgeous this season, I caught up with Jake Davis, Senior Stylist at the John Frieda salon in London to get all his insider knowledge!

Jake Davis John Frieda

LW: Coming up to the party season, what tips can you give to create the perfect look?

JD: Take time to practice your party style in advance of your actual party night, this will take the stress out of getting ready on your big night. Wear a look that is you – don’t try anything too extreme as you’ll just feel totally uncomfortable. Think about the look you would like to wear and use picture references to help you achieve the end result. Don’t cut corners if you want your look to last it’s important to make time to achieve your style.

LW: Can you suggest an easy up style which can be done at home?

JD: Create a low side parting on wet hair. Add John Frieda® Frizz – Ease® Secret Agent Perfecting Crème and slick hair back and secure at the nape of the neck with a covered elastic band. Take the lengths of the ponytail and twist until the hair twists back onto itself into a little bun. Secure with pins and finish with a spray of John Frieda® Frizz-Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray.

LW: The market has a lot of products to choose from these days and it can be hard to decide which ones to use, what do you recommend (obv John Frieda)?

JD: It is important to be prescriptive to your hair’s needs. Choose a shampoo and   conditioner that is relevant to your hair type. Within the John Frieda range you can find products that are tailored to Blondes, Brunettes and redheads and they also cover Volume and Frizz. I think the introduction of products like John Frieda® Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher Spray and John Frieda® Frizz–Ease® 3 Day Straight will make styling at home so much easier for women.

LW: The weather is hard on our hair, how can we protect it?

JD: If it feels dehydrated swap your shampoo and conditioner for the moisturising version. Make sure you have regular trims – I would recommend just taking off the very ends once every six weeks. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to give your that hair extra care and nourishment it needs. Wear a hat when you go out in the cold to protect against the extremes of weather throughout the winter months.

LW: Whose hair do you admire and why?

JD: I think Jennifer Lopez always looks great she always gets it right – with just the right amount of Glamour but it never looks to try hard.

LW: What is your view on hair extensions?

JD: I don’t personally like them. I think the clip in versions are better for your hair and offer more versatility to a look so you can add them in but your not tied into the up keep of them full time.

Jake Davis is a Senior Stylist at John Frieda Salon in London. Jake is currently a judge in the John Frieda Ireland Transformation campaign,  where John Frieda gave 14 women a hair transformation to match transformations in their own lives. To read all about it and vote for your favourite transformation log on to the new facebook page www.facebook.com/johnfriedaireland