Since my late twenties I’ve had an abundance of skin issues, mainly on my face. I seemed to have been given a free pass to clear skin in my teens, but as soon as adulthood came calling, it all went south. I developed mild acne and redness about eight or so years ago and tried a lot of things to fix it. I’ve spoken about how I dealt with clearing my skin with professional advice, but I’ve also been seeking an affordable, easy to obtain skin care routine to deal with redness that often occurs at this time of year for me. 

Avene Antirougeurs

In case you are not familiar with Rosacea, it’s a chronic skin condition that generally appears in the centre of the face (it does for me). The symptoms are varied, but personally my cheeks become severely red and I often develop spots around that area too. I’m no skin expert but I do understand how it affects me and my own routine. During the cold months, when the wind bites your face, it’s hard to avoid redness. Sometimes, though, wind chill or blushing cheeks can be thought of as simple, temporary things, but for me, it was a more notable problem. I do have IPL every once in a while to help with severe cases, but an everyday option is needed and I’ve found it.

Avene Antirougeurs

Over the last 30 days I’ve been trying and testing the ANTIROUGEURS range from Avéne. Avéne are known for exceptional skincare thanks to its thermal water and its research at it’s dermatology centre. But how does this particular range work. Well, here’s how I tried it. The cleansing lotion (€14/€17) is where I start. I love to do a double cleanse; it may not be needed but I like to make sure I remove everything off my face to give it a chance to breathe and for the products to work their magic. To be technical for a second, the range contains an ingredient, TRP-Regulin™, which helps to reduce redness. The results are smoother skin, thanks to the thermal water (there’s 81% thermal water in the products), but a more even skin tone and a visible reduction in areas of redness on my face. My cheeks can even get sore to the touch, but this has not happened since using ANTIROUGEURS. 

Avene Antirougeurs

But, I also used the mask (£16.50/€20). I’ve never been a fan of masks, as my skin doesn’t like rich or dense textures. This mask is slightly different in that it has the consistency of a serum when applying it, and it dries in a soft texture. Sometimes masks, I’ve found, dry to this hard texture which feels too tight. This is much more easy going. I have been using this just once a week initially, and increased to twice, as my skin became used to it. 

Avene Antirougeurs

The combination of the two products has given some great results. My skin is definitely less red, and less sore. Rosacea is known to be incurable, but managing it is much easier with more skin innovations like ANTIROUGEURS being developed.


Do you have a Rosacea story to share? Well, if you do, please leave a comment below and you could be in with a chance of winning the full ANTIROUGEURS range! You can also leave a comment on my Instagram feed! 

Should you wish to try out some other products in the range, there are also two moisurisers – one in a cream texture and one an emulsion texture. For more information, click onto the Avéne website which has lots of information, as well as skin diagnosis section and a full list of stockists. 



This post is sponsored by Avéne. 

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