Courtney Smith x Buffalo Shoelab


Yep you read it right! My pal Courtney Smith has launched a new shoe collection with Buffalo Shoelab in Dublin (and online!). The collection focuses on key boot styles which Courtney designed alongside the shoe brand, which lend themselves to style and comfort alike. Yep, two very important things. The boots have the most wonderful stories behind them, being inspired by key style icons like Suzy Q and Stevie Nicks (who I listened to on repeat during her Fleetwood Mac days). There is an amazing pair of over the knee tan boots named after Kate Bush and pay tribute to how she styled her own boots in the height of her career. 



Courtney Smith x BUffalo Shoe Lab

There are so many ways to wear these. I tried on these slouchy, soft black leather pair which will go perfectly with a mid length skirt or dress. I think these will help me rediscover some of the dresses I had during the summer, and almost give them a Winter effect. The main thing to note is the collection is comfortable. Each pair is made of leather that will mould to your foot and leg over time. When you put them on you can decide immediately that you can stay in these all day.

A fairly basic requirement that a lot of boot ranges fail to meet. None are too high; key in my life (and height!). The journey I know has been long, and required so much attention to detail and effort, but it’s triumphed and the result is something that will last for a long time. 



Courtney Smith x BUffalo Shoe Lab


Courtney Smith x BUffalo Shoe Lab

If you want to see the collection, it is available from today at the Buffalo Shoe Lab, Dublin!