perfect curls

Getting perfect curls in your hair is always tricky but a lot of it has to do with the tools you use. I have always been a fan of wands; you wrap your hair around them and two seconds later you let them drop, then you’re done. But, those curls tend to be tighter and for the trend of relaxed, summer hair we want something more natural. GHD were kind enough to send me their Curve Soft Curl Tongs to try out on my long hair which I tried last week with great results. I need to state one thing before we talk curls; you need to protect your hair from excessive heat so you need to ensure you apply a heat protecting spray first, and GHD have one of the best ones around which I have been using for years. The bottle lasts ages too! I try and apply this to my hair when it’s wet, then blast it dry with a hair dryer before styling. It means my hair isn’t going to burn from applying such high temperatures. 

Now, rather than type through how I used the tongs on this blog post; I’ve posted a short video to my You Tube Channel for you to see how easy it is and how getting perfect curls doesn’t mean you need to break your arms in the process. I’ve added some speed to this video but in total, my whole head took about 10  minutes from dry. You’ll also see that I brush out my hair to give it a smoother finish. 

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