Hair tutorials: Get wavy curls in 15 minutes!

I am always scouring You tube for hair tutorials, but this latest one I found actually comes from pinterest! And what’s great is that it’s so easy to do! Getting curls without the ringlet effect is always quite difficult but hopefully with some simple hair tutorials from me, you can have some help! So just follow these easy steps! You’ll need a hair straightener, like a GHD, some tin foil, heat protection spray, clips, a comb, and hair spray to finish.

Hair tutorials: how to get waves in fifteen minutes

Step by Step!

1. Prep your hair for all hair tutorials!

Make sure your hair is freshly washed for this one and has no product in it prior to styling.

2. Section you hair

Section your hair in half, securing the top section with a clip or clamp, and also at this point, plug in your GHD to start heating.

3. Tin Foil!

Yes you read that correctly! Take squares of tin foil, about four x four inches and have them ready for the next step!

4. “Pin curl”

Take small sections of hair (about two inches) and wrap around your fingers as if creating a pin curl. Apply some heat protection spray to each section. Then take one piece of tin foil and wrap it around that curl, until it is covered. Don’t worry, the hair will stay in place with the foil. Do this for the bottom section of your hair and then the top until you have wrapped all sections with foil.

5. GHD it!

Clamp the GHD down on each piece of tin foil for about 5-6 seconds and release. Do this for all sections. After this, leave in the foil for about ten minutes for it to cool. The idea is that the foil will act as a longer conductor of heat and keep the curl hot for longer, hence creating a stronger curl.

6. Unwrap

Remove the foil from each section and then run your fingers through your hair to create volume and then apply some hair spray to secure!

The whole process above takes about ten to fifteen minutes for medium length hair! Have a go, and I’ll have lot’s more hair tutorials to come!

Hair tutorials: how to get waves in fifteen minutes

My finished style!


I recommend the following products for all wavy hair tutorials:

  • GHD Eclipse Hair Straightener or Remington Colour Protect Straightener
  • GHD Heat Protect Spray 
  • L’Oreal Elnette Hair Spray