A Guide to Gold Fever Hair Extensions

A Guide to Gold Fever Hair Extensions

Writing a guide to hair extensions could possibly be one of the longest most detailed blog posts I’ve ever written, but I’ve decided to condense it down into a short fact list for anyone thinking about the process. I had my new Gold Fever Hair Extensions applied last Thursday by the wonderful team at Preen Hair & Beauty Dublin who are responsible for keeping my hair in check at all times. The one thing I have to say about the process, as seamless as it is, is that you need to allocate a lot of your day to sitting during the application process. So it’s a good time, for those like me, to catch up on the blog. Or to get a start on this! 

The first step is to cleanse the hair; this is done using a dedicated shampoo designed to strip out any residue products in your hair as well as, well, dirt. My hair was blow dried poker straight before the bonds are attached. Straight hair helps with colour blending. Speaking of colour blending, I have four shades in my hair which align to the colour already there. Stylist, Lee Stinton who applied mine, did a colour match in advance to ensure that every tone is catered for with the new hair. Afterwards, I see why this is important, my hair looks natural with no colour differences. 

Then, the real work begins. The bonds attaching the hair are protein based to help protect each strand and nourish it. This is my fourth set of Gold Fever Hair Extensions, and I have to say that they have never caused any damage to my roots. The bond is melted down and then attached to the strands of hair and let dry for a few minutes. The hair is applied in rows, starting from the back and working around and up to the front. So as you can imagine the more hair you have, the longer the process. I am so impressed with the intricate nature of this and I fully understand why stylists have to be trained intensely to do this. Lee has the patiences of a saint when doing this, I think he is totally zen during our few hours together. 



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The result is what you see in the gallery above (click on the image to go through the pics). I have much longer hair (my goal was length but you can add volume too). It feels weightless thanks to Lee’s expertise in the application process. Now, we have to talk after care. To maintain the hair, you need to brush it. I use a long handle Tangle Teezer which is great for brushing from the root gently through the bonds and down the strands. I brush mine in sections so I know I have completed every section. The hair needs to remain dry for 24 hours after application to allow the bonds to settle. The bonds are porous so they hang onto water; so when washing, the bonds need to be dried with a hair drier (the LanaiBlo is AMAZING). But you can leave your hair dry naturally if you want to. At night, I plait mine to avoid any knots so when you wake up your hair is nice smooth. In terms of shampoo, it should be sulphate free to avoid damage to the hair as well. Kevin Murphy makes the best products which I have been using on mine even pre-extensions. 

Now if you are considering getting extensions, then listen up! Preen have a great deal whereby, with the set of hair, you will receive a Kevin Murphy Smooth again hair care kit, a Tangle Teezer and two complimentary blow dries (to be used within in one month of your application). Not a bad deal huh?