Griddled Prawns with Pesto with Chargrilled Vegetables


I love fish and this recipe which is by Nigel Slater from his book “eat” for Griddled Prawns and Pesto is easy and incredibly tasty. Buying good prawns is really important and I went to the fish monger at Donnybrook Fair to get mine. The recipe calls for keeping them in their shells and cooking them on a dry pan and seasoning with salt as you go along, until their shells turn pink and thats it! The pesto is really tasty, but I guess you can use your own recipe if you prefer it.

Griddled Prawns in Pesto


But what I wanted to share is what I eat with it. Chargrilled vegetables are my personal favourite and with a simple salad it can be eaten on its own or with the dish above. All you need are some vegetables that “char” well like aubergine, courgette, peppers and red onions. Slice the vegetables thinly and put in a mixing bowl. Add some sunflower oil, salt and pepper and mix well with your hands until all the vegetables have been coated. The pan should be on the top heat and dry. Once hot, place each of the slices carefully onto the pan and cook each side for about two minutes until you get the chargrilled effect. Mix some spinach and rocket with olive oil, vinegar and salt and pepper and place the cooked vegetables on top. That’s it! You can use these chargrilled vegetables in salads too, and eat hot or cold.


Chargrilled vegetables