Going for a spin! The new Opel Corsa

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I have always loved cars and there are a few reasons why I am talking about the new Opel Corsa on the blog today. My Dad is a retired mechanical engineer whose love for restoring cars from absolute wrecks to vintage beauties has led to his daughter also sharing the love for all things motoring. The first car I remember of ours was an MG in the 1980s when I was about three or four. As a two-seater it wasn’t exactly family friendly, so that didn’t last long. Dad started to collect vintage cars when I was in secondary school and many wonderful motors like DKW Autounion, VW Beetle, NSU Prince and even an Alpha Romeo Spider have crossed the threshold of the Weightman garage. When I hit seventeen, I couldn’t wait to drive. I took lessons, practiced around the garden in one of the old cars, and I passed my test first time the year I sat my Leaving Cert. My Grandad let me drive his Nissan Micra and I loved the independence it gave me. So when I was offered the chance to take the new Opel Corsa for a weekend, I couldn’t have been happier.


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I don’t have a car of my own at the moment and I am getting to a point where I need one. So even having one temporarily was a real treat. This car is super. It’s one litre engine is perfect for short hops and city driving and it means it’s incredibly economical. Plus, the one I got was just a bit sporty so it had a very plush interior with a great Bluetooth connection to link up your phone for it’s calling capability and to play your music. The parking sensor was one of the best bits to squeeze into tiny spaces in Dublin’s various multi-story car parks.


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(My Boots were sick of shopping and insisted on going back to the car)

My car was a gorgeous shade of red, and red in cars is always fabulous. It’s visible, and it doesn’t get dirty. I know, two fairly silly reasons for liking red. The car handles really well too, and I have to note the city steering option to lighten the steering column when, again, negotiating┬átiny spaces in Dublin’s various multi-story car parks. I should also note that boots fit perfectly in the back seat with a seat belt on, in case you were wondering.

All in all, this little car is a beauty. It’s small and nifty, and fairly stylish. Just like me. For more details, you can log onto opelireland.com for all the details!