Monochrome outfit from Penneys

Can you believe it’s the end of another year? 2017 went by so quickly, but it was one great year for me. I loved everything I did, both personally and professionally, and now it’s time to bid farewell to it and move towards the next one. I used do nothing on New Year’s Eve; merely because anytime I planned to go out, I never enjoyed it. Over the last few years, we’ve stayed in or went to friend’s houses for dinner, and this year it’s our turn to host the NYE annual kitchen party. I say kitchen party, as our kitchen and sitting room are all in one. But, staying at home does not mean I do not dress up. Actually quite the opposite. I’ve been planning what to wear over the last few weeks and I picked up the most fabulous dress in Primark earlier this month which I have stored away until today. 


Now I am not adding in a picture of me wearing this, that’s being saved until my Instagram post later (but I will update this with my outfit image tomorrow!). There are a few major points about this dress. First up, it’s not too short, it hits just above my knee and I love that. Secondly, it’s lined which is a hard thing to find in dresses these days. Thirdly, it has a lovely sleeve so no need to find something to wear over it. And finally, it has a belt to cinch in at the waist and give definition which I need in every dress I wear. It’s not just an ordinary black dress either. On the lining there is a very pretty star print that peeps through the top layer. This is just the right amount of sparkle needed. It’s not just a Christmas dress, you can re style this throughout the year. 

Get ready for NYE

To accessorise, I picked up these amazing kitten heel metallic boots (also come in black and white!) to pick out the silver tones. These are a lovely change from the usual black ankle boot. I’ve worn them once already and I’ve had so many compliments on them! The heel isn’t too high so you can dance all night in these. I plan on testing that theory later on the rug in the kitchen/sitting room. 

This is my last blog post of 2017, and I want to thank all of you for being a follower of styleisle here and on social media. I have lot’s of plans for 2018, including lot’s more with Primark!